Welcome to Meridian Pain Management

Successful treatment of pain involves a multidisciplinary approach. We utilize many other useful resources in our community such as physical and occupational therapy, psychotherapy, and more to help our patients achieve their goals.

Pain is one of the most common complaints presented to physicians today.

In spite of being extremely common, pain is one of the most difficult problems to understand and treat adequately. When an acute injury occurs, pain serves a useful purpose as a warning system of bodily harm. However, we now understand that pain can occur without any discernible injury and can persist beyond the expected healing period.

Pain takes a tremendous toll on the human body.

Pain can cause enormous disruption in personal relationships and employment. Additionally, chronic pain has a tremendous economic impact on society.

Useful daily activities, once taken for granted, have become physically and mentally challenging. Eventually, family members will become deeply affected. Fortunately, many recent advances in the emerging field of pain management offer hope to those who suffer from acute and chronic pain.